When Passion Leads to Success: The Music Maker Series

February 11, 2015

Please Join me at the NCSU Hunt Library on March 26th at 7:00 pm for an informal talk and presentation of the Music Maker Photo series and my work for Martin Guitar. (This is the previously scheduled presentation originally for February 25th that was rescheduled due to snow)

The story I’d like to share is two fold. One is the story of a pro-bono project that I embarked on in 2006 to benefit the Music Maker Relief Foundation. The other is a personal reflection of how often passion leads to success.


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Part one, the Music Maker project, has touched me like no other. Most likely, none of these artists will be familiar to you. They should be. But circumstances and an inability to catch that lucky break have hindered them from making a larger name for themselves.

Fortunately, their skin is as thick as their talent. So they endure. They play on. They are the originals who lived their lyrics and whose music is driven by both their misfortune and their enduring faith. They are as much a part of America as any other small town hero, as the high school quarterback, the local doctor or the fearless fire chief.  Except they can pick up a guitar or belt out a riff like nobody’s business. And without their kind of music, our culture is truly diminished.

I call this the Music Makers series:


Click to see Video about the project. (Flash only – not IOS compatable)

Part two of this story is how the Music Makers series led to a Martin Guitar ad campaign. After much of this series was completed, I received an exciting call from Spark Creative (now Lehigh), an ad agency that wanted to pitch the Martin Guitar account. They requested the use of my  Music Maker’s photos as part of their pitch. In return they would use me as the campaign’s photographer if they won the account. The pitch was a success, and I ended up shooting the following year’s ad campaign to include John Mayer, LP, Dierks Bently and  John Dee Holman.


Click to visit JimmyWilliamsPhotography.com


I hope to see you on February 25th to further share the process and how following your passion leads to success.

See more of my music photo series: www.JimmyWilliamsPhotography.com

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