The Value of Branded Images

April 14, 2015


This post is different from any I have written before. It’s the overview to my first ever blog series. In this series I’ll talk about the importance of branded images to an overall brand strategy. Customers hungry for more and more content have increased in the past decade. In the rush to meet demand, quality images and video that reinforce your brand are often in short supply. I’ve helped several clients address this issue by showing them the value in producing a library of quality, unique, brand conscious visual media. In future posts I will share insights on creating Brand Differentiation through imagery, as well as how a Cohesive Visual Style strengthens brand recognition.

View From Montestigliano, Tuscany

The Value of Branded Images

When I consult with highly brand conscious companies our conversations focus on who they are, and how they want to be seen. They want to construct a visual brand. With competition so high in today’s market, it can be hard for companies to differentiate themselves. Cultivating a unique identity through branded images is the best way to stand out in the crowd. Photography and cinematography are your company’s visual voice.

A case in point, the photos you see here are from my work with Barilla, the Italian food company. The shots embody the company’s tagline, “The choice of Italy.” For this campaign, I created a sense of nostalgia for an ideal Italy with fantastic pastoral scenes, and an intimate, slower paced life. All of the elements I discuss in this blog series are present in these photos. Visual cohesion and adherence to brand differentiated elements all come together here to convey a uniquely Barilla brand identity.

Cypress Lined Road, Siena, Tuscany

Barilla Campaign – Cypress Lined Road, Siena

Winding Road, Montalcino, Tuscany

Barilla Campaign – Winding Road, Montalcino








Olive Farmer

Barilla Campaign – Olive Farmer

Beams of Joy

Barilla Campaign – Cinqe Terre








Visual media could be compared to a sort of brand tattoo. Tattoos are a popular way to brand personal identity. Those who spend time and consideration selecting the art for their tattoo and choosing a great artist identify themselves with a piece of art that represents them as a unique individual. However, many people don’t put a lot of thought into their design but instead choose a popular generic image. The result: their personal brand gets diluted. Like tattoos, the images you use to represent your company carry subliminal messages about who you are, your commitment to authenticity and your passion. The generic tattoo is like a standard, cheap stock photo – the kind anyone can license. But, it’s so generic that you can’t set yourself apart from the crowd. Who wants the exact same tattoo as someone else?

Clients often tell me it is getting more difficult to stay true to their unique brand identities, especially with the introduction of social media as a business tool. Marketing teams, in their rush to participate in fast paced social media conversations, often post generic stock images without any form of brand check. Strategy goes out the window. Visual impact gets lost.

Why compromise your brand? Let me help you develop a visual media library of branded images and cinematography to match your company’s visual voice and your company’s alone. I have worked with clients such as Toshiba, First Citizens, Barilla, Ferguson and Divi Resorts in building a visual media library that captures their brand. My skilled team can yield a volume of brand differentiated media to draw from for use in all marketing channels, such as print ads, brochures, billboards, web ads, motion for broadcast and web, as well as generating still images and motion specifically purposed for use in social media such as Instagram, Vine and Twitter & Facebook posting.

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