Jimmy Williams – Photo Competition Judge for Exposure 2014

October 7, 2014

I’m humbled and honored to be the photo competition judge for Open Shutter Gallery’s “Exposure 2014,” an open photography competition in Durango, Colorado for fine art photographers worldwide. The winners of this competition are awarded monetary prizes and will have the distinguished privilege of inclusion in the gallery’s December/January exhibition, a fabulous opportunity to sell their works of art.

2142447 - 9395

Through the years, I’ve been fortunate to have two solo exhibitions there. Both times I’ve made it a travel adventure, not only to participate in the opening reception, but to explore and photograph the boundless and fascinating surrounding areas of the Wild West. See my previous blog “A Short Stop in Durango”  

2142447 - 9397

Open Shutter Gallery is distinguished both for its prestige and its character. It’s a charming Fine Art Photography boutique in the southern Colorado Rocky Mountains. They masterfully curate contemporary works of fine art photography from artisans around the globe. The owner, Margy Dudley, a skilled photographer herself, not only understands and appreciates the beauty and value of extraordinary photographs but uses the works in her gallery to support humanitarian & conservation efforts.

Having developed a personal relationship with the gallery, I’m sure there will be a wide range of artistic styles, a mark of any good competition. You can see how the gallery looks like already now on pictures here (made a type of http://www.unique.pics/ ones, real eastate photography is very underestimated, I believe). Of course the ultimate goal of judging is to select a winner, but I’m most excited to examine the individual works, study them for the beauty and intrigue they have to offer, and learn the world through other artists’ eyes.

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