Music Makers Meets Arjowiggins Creative Papers

September 20, 2017

I love paper company promo pieces. They are often spectacularly printed little gems and this one is no exception. And, I’m not just saying that because it highlights my photography. Recently I had the opportunity to collaborate with the incredibly talented designer/calligrapher, Carol Fountain Nix, to create this special promotional print piece for the French paper company, Arjowiggins. Carol’s exquisite design and Arjowiggins’ ultra-chic papers meld beautifully with my Music Makers photo series.

Arjowiggins Creative Papers

The careful photo selections by Carol specifically demonstrate the wonderful versatility of the Arjowiggins line of papers. The 12″x 18″ size feels perfect and opens up to a giant 18″x 24″ spread.  At the double spread size, the printed photos are just spectacular and retain all the nuances that I worked so hard to achieve in my original photographs. Arjowiggins printed the sample book on 3 different stocks – coated, silk and uncoated – to showcase the versatility of each.  I’m amazed at how beautifully it prints on each stock.

Get your own copy

If you’d like to get your very own copy of the paper sample books, just contact Julie Brannen, the North American Rep for Arjowiggins. Check them out, they are the world leader in using 100% recycled papers.

About the Music Makers Relief Foundation

If you’re not familiar with the Music Maker Relief Foundation, please check them out. Their mission is “to preserve the musical traditions of the South by directly supporting the musicians who make it”. I discovered the organization because of my love for the blues. Eventually, I chose to collaborate with them to create what I call the “Music Maker’s” series. The full photo series can be found on my studio website and on my fine art website

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