Between the Shots – Caribbean Edition

June 6, 2014

Over the years, our work has taken us to some of the world’s most beautiful beaches and resorts. Although we’ve traveled the globe, some of our favorite spots remain in the tranquil waters of the Caribbean.

Virgin Gorda:

A few years back, we worked on a tourism ad campaign for the British Virgin Islands for the Zimmerman Group. As we began scouting the fifty islands that constitute the British Virgin Islands, we were enamored with the diverse beauty of the region.

This romantic moment was captured among the granite giants in the Baths, an ever-popular vacation spot in Virgin Gorda. This island stands out in our memory as one of the most alluring places we’ve ever been. If it’s not already there, make sure you put it on your bucket list! Between shots, we learned the histories of some local hot spots. One of our favorites was the Soggy Dollar Bar on Jost Van Dyke Island, which takes its name from a time when sailors had to swim to shore from their ships and pay for their drinks with their now-wet currencies. After finishing the shot of a diver we managed to squeeze in some personal time to swim with the local sea turtles!

Since we spent several weeks there, we decided to learn about island life. One of our assistants engaged in the culture by waking up early each morning to feed the chickens, and helped prepare breakfast with the locals. Jimmy brought back a cultural favorite too—Malibu rum with pineapple juice.

St. Maarten:

These next two photos were taken for a photo campaign for Divi Little Bay Resort in St. Maarten. The main purpose of this shoot was to illustrate the multitude of reasons you would want to stay at this resort.

A little known fact about Jimmy is that he loves to swim. So to get this shot, he swam about half a mile into the ocean after the paddle boarders—equipped with only a camera and flippers—bobbing up and down in the waves, until he finally got the perfect shot.

This photo came about from a surprise squall. There we were, shooting in the beautiful sun and from no-where, the clouds came over, winds gusted, and rain poured. It went as quickly as it came. But years of experience have taught us what stunning visuals the post-storm skies provide. We quickly toweled off our model and got this beautiful shot.

But of course we couldn’t leave without enjoying the island a little ourselves! We snorkeled and made a few friends, notably Gizmo, the macaw for whom the bar is named. She hangs out with visitors, talks a little, and flies from table to table. She definitely made an impression on us!

Dominican Republic:

Whether on a shoot, between shoots, or off duty, we’re always trying to find the perfect moment. This last image was taken in the Dominican Republic at the Punta Cana Resort. If we had to describe this island in a word, it would be peaceful. The powdery sand blurred into the gentle waters.

We had fun, leisurely kayaking out in the serene waters, that is of course until we were surprised by a Portuguese Man o’ War. But the island’s tranquil nature guided us back to shore, where we decided to simply enjoy the view with a good book.


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