Photographing Magical Tuscany

November 5, 2014

View From Montestigliano, Tuscany

The experience of travel is invaluable, and I have been fortunate enough to see many parts of the world. If you were to ask my favorite place to travel, a question I’m often asked, I couldn’t give you an answer. I like them all. That said, I’d put Tuscany at the top of my list, and close to my heart. Tuscany has majesty of the land that is distinct from all other places I’ve been. And photographing magical Tuscany is the highlight of any photographers experience.

Of course, the undeniable history of the land is fascinating. Seeing castles that are thousands of years old as you drive by on the highway is simply something very few places can claim.


Still Morning, Tuscany

The visual beauty of the region is captivating. The countryside is largely farmland, with rolling hills of planted gardens, vineyards, wheat fields, and of course, sunflowers like these in my photo Still Morning, Tuscany.

But it’s the people that give Tuscany its charm. They are so warm and inviting. On many occasions, they’ve opened their homes to my team and me. I love listening to their stories, despite a clear language barrier.


Aldo, Tuscany, Italy

Much of my work in Tuscany has been near the city of Sienna. Though all of Tuscany is beautiful, this area always particularly intrigues me. The patchwork planting on the hillsides is unlike any I’ve seen before. It’s like the farmers landscape their agricultural wares so that the colors of bright sunflowers are contrasted with the grays of wheat, against the vibrant greens of the vineyards.

The homes near Sienna have a distinct flavor as well. They look almost painted in the way the Cyprus trees line these ancient structures. It creates a storybook majesty as you wander along the pathways leading up to these homes, like this one, Cypress Lined Road, Sienna.


Cypress Lined Road, Siena, Tuscany

When I photograph in Tuscany, I want to respect and capture the preserved history of the region. I often see remnants of the Renaissance embedded in the natural land. On more than one occasion while photographing in Tuscany, I’ve been hit with a breathtaking realization: I may be standing exactly where da Vinci once stood, looking at the same inspiration for art.


Winding Road, Montalcino, Tuscany

So I strive to capture the majestic character of the land in these photographs. I see these winding roads just like a Renaissance painting, encouraging me to embrace the natural visual quality with a nearly ethereal personality.

But a landscape can only tell so much. The people here embody the character of the region. They provide a personal experience to enhance the countryside. The people I photograph are not just nice to look at. They’re people I met on my travels, got to know, and found their stories so compelling that I wanted to capture that story in a photograph.

Every photo I take has a story, and I’ll be sharing some of those from Tuscany in future posts, so keep an eye out!

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