Exclusive Photography Workshop – The Virgin Island Experience

January 8, 2017
The Experience:

Recently I created a focused, intensive and exclusive photography workshop for an avid amateur photographer. His goal was to hone his technical abilities and expand his creative vision. Keith, a high-powered attorney and serious photographer on his own right, was already creating wonderful imagery. Being intense, driven, and passionate about photography, Keith wanted to take his work to a whole new level. He particularly had a special interest in travel and landscape photography.

That’s where I came in.

I crafted for him a 3-day one-on-one Exclusive Photography Workshop with me in St John’s US Virgin Islands that would give Keith the opportunity to experience a pro photographer’s approach.

Trunk Bay; St John; USVI; Sunset

Over the years, I have had photo assignments in many Caribbean islands. I love the islands and each has its own unique landscape and culture. Not long ago I shot an ad campaign for the US Virgin Island board of tourism and became intimately familiar with the island of St John. This seemed like the perfect venue for his workshop. It is small enough to get around the island daily and has enough diversity to provide different photo experiences and challenges each day.  The plan worked perfectly. From well before dawn until well after dusk we immersed ourselves in planning, prepping, scouting, shooting, reviewing and retouching. The experience is a photographer’s dream. Aside from the immersive experience, the island offered wonderful weather, endless beaches, great food and an opportunity to experience the “island life”.

Salomon Bay; St John; USVI; Sunset

Here’s what Keith Dutill had to say:

” It’s not often that we get the chance to meet a true master in a field that interests us, and it’s rarer still to be able to learn directly from such a person. Jimmy Williams is indisputably a bona fide master photographer, and this workshop was a once in a lifetime experience. This was immersion learning at its very best.

I learned more in three days than I had in the prior 15 years, not just about composition and camera mechanics but also about how to see and think differently.

We were together, one on one, from before sunrise until late in the evening, photographing side by side and then evaluating and discussing what we had shot. And since Jimmy did all of the advance work, we captured the amazing beauty of St. John in all of its diversity.

The resulting images were the best I have ever captured. More important, my ability and confidence as an amateur photographer took multiple quantum steps forward. If you are looking for a basic introduction or to take just an incremental step ahead, this is probably not for you. But if you have a passion for photography and are looking to exponentially accelerate your development, I can imagine no better option. Truly awesome — 6 stars out of 5!  “

My Photo Workshop Offer:

If you think you would benefit from an Exclusive Photography Workshop like this, I’d love to hear from you. It can be St John or any location on the planet that you are uniquely interested in. I’ll handle all the legwork on planning and prepping to insure a successful adventure.

It’s not for everyone. These shoots are very exclusive. The planning is tailored specifically for your interests and experienced level. You’ll be shooting alongside of a national award winning photographer & artist. And you’ll leave the workshop seeing the world differently.

Cruz Bay; St John; USVI


Cruz Bay; St John; USVI; Sunset

Maho Bay; St John; USVI; Palm Trees

Ram’s Head; St John; USVI; Sunset


St John; USVI Waves crashing on rocks

Salomon Bay; St John; USVI; Sunset

Rooster; St John; USVI


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