Our State Magazine: Easy as Pie

February 3, 2014
Imagine being on a shoot, Prince’s “Purple Rain”is playing in the background while puffs of white flour rain down on kitchen counters and on the floor. Our leading lady is belting out the lyrics between each pop of the photo lights. The crew and I are dancing too, infected by her bight, exuberant energy.
We loved visiting the house of chef and author, Nancie McDermott, while photographing for a feature story in Our State Magazine. We told old stories about how our mother’s made our favorite foods, traded secrets to make the perfect pies, and I snuck pieces of cake when no one was looking. We had such a blast and Nancie welcomed us with open arms, then sent us home with boxes of homemade desserts. I’d call this shoot a win.

Art Director: Joseph Edwards
Stylist: Kyra Dorman
Assistant: Phil Allison

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