Dreamscapes Selected for Adobe Photoshop Commercial

June 4, 2015

Dreamscape VII

I am extremely proud that Adobe selected an image from my fine art series Dreamscapes as one of the handful of images to represent Adobe Photoshop in their 25th anniversary commercial. My image can be seen in the commercial at the 0.44 second mark. Being selected for this shoot is an amazing opportunity. With so many brilliant artists and great images worldwide, the fact that Adobe selected my work as one of the images that they felt was most representative of what an artist can achieve using Photoshop is a great honor. NPR did an excellent piece on Adobe’s Photoshop commercial; the story, linked here, features my Dreamscapes image prominently. Recognition for this fine art series continued, shortly after it’s selection for Adobe I was excited to find out that Dreamscapes was also selected as a winner in the Self-Promotion Category of the 2015 PDN Photo Annual.

Dreamscapes IX (9)When I developed the concept for Dreamscapes I wanted to highlight the beauty and power of a child’s imagination. I sought to artfully create images that embody the whimsical nature of youth, and convey the limitless possibilities of imagination. It was challenging to capture the essence of childhood that resonates with an adult audience in a way that felt both authentic and fantastic. I really brought my skills of compositing to bear, bringing together live talent mixed with both live locations and contrived elements that really spoke to my inner child. I am glad that it has spoken to yours too.

Thank you to Adobe, PDN and all of you. I will let Dreamscapes say the rest.

Dreamscape I


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