“Whether I create a scenario or capture it spontaneously, I always start with – how do I want this image to feel? This involves opening myself up to the moment and trusting my emotions to dictate and inspire a compelling story. It’s also about building a connection or a feeling of familiarity with subjects that allows me to see their truly vulnerable, unguarded selves. These emotions are raw. Sometimes private. Always Honest.”
-Jimmy Williams

For over thirty-five years, Jimmy Williams has had the privilege of working on countless assignments with a myriad of creative minds. With every shoot – be it advertising, editorial or personal – he succeeds in transforming distant ideas and emotions into tangible pieces of art.
Williams’ portfolio fluidly flows from portrait to landscape to life moments like an effortless conversation. His ability to seamlessly bring these elements together is the reason creatives seek him out.  Williams’ International client list includes Maker’s Mark, Barilla, Harley-Davidson, Norwegian Cruise Lines, The British Virgin Islands, The U.S. Virgin Islands, Hyatt, Land Rover and Kodak.
Williams’ work has won accolades at The One Show, The International Photography Awards, The Photography Masters Cup and The B&W Spider Awards. His work has also been published in Communication Arts, Photo District News, Rangefinder, B&W and Color magazines.

On the art scene, Williams’ Music Makers, Tuscany, and Forever France series continue to delight at a variety of exhibits in the U.S.  Last year, three new fine art series were finalized and made their debut at the Waverly Artists Group gallery in Cary, NC .

Jimmy Williams Creative Image Licensing, a niche library of William’s photography has which has steadily expanded since last year. Art directors and photo researchers now have access to a well-rounded archive of premium imagery to source for their comps and final commercial projects.

 Client Testimonials

Once we had sold the concept for the new Maker’s 46 campaign, there was only one photographer we were interested in to bring it to life:  Jimmy Williams.  Over the years we have looked enviously at his images and the way he finds the perfect angle and framing that reveal the true soul of a location.  Finally, we had the opportunity to put his eye to work for us.  The results were as evocative and brand-elevating as we hoped.  Even better, Jimmy was a pleasure to work with throughout the lengthy process.  We look forward to the next round.”
Dave Vawter, Chief Creative Officer, Doe-Anderson

“If you need a photographer who can take a campaign concept you love and execute it so brilliantly it becomes the centerpiece of your portfolio, then Jimmy’s the guy. That’s what he did for our Boone, North Carolina tourism campaign. He truly understands what an image needs to say, and he makes it happen with visual eloquence.”
Scott Scaggs, VP Partner / Creative Director, Clean Design

“Jimmy and I have been colleagues, but more importantly friends, for a long, long time. When I need to recommend a photographer to one of my teams Jimmy’s name is always the one that comes to mind first. He brings a wealth of style, passion and experience to every project and the results are, well, stunning. He and his team are a joy to work with. Simply said, he shoots images you can’t take your eyes off of.”
David Crawford – Senior Vice President/Managing Group Creative Director at GSD&M

“As a new agency working on our first campaign, the stakes were high.  We had a tight brief on finding the right photographer to work with:  A true artist with a national profile . . . who would understand the aesthetic and culture of the places and people we’re trying to reach.  When we asked who fit the bill, one name came back:  Jimmy Williams.  We loved his work and we loved working with Jimmy and his team.  He’s an artist, a professional and a gentleman.  We couldn’t have asked for more.”
Mark Lantz, Founder + Executive Creative Director, Factory

“Working with Jimmy and his team was a pleasure throughout the project, and our working relationship actually turned into more of a partnership. The quality of both Jimmy’s photography and post-production work was first class, and he made sure that the whole process – from location scouting through to the actual shoot – was completely effortless. I look forward to collaborating with Jimmy and his team again in the near future.”
David Alexander, Creative Director, The Frameworks

“Harley-Davidson uses ordinary people for their campaigns…We needed a photographer like Jimmy who’s seasoned at bringing out emotions when working with non-professional talent. The results are fantastic!”
Blair Fellman, Art Director, Carmichael Lynch

 “How easy it would have been to rest on his laurels in the commercial world, in which case none of us would have had the joy of seeing his world through his photography…Because he pursued a larger audience, we are all the beneficiaries.”
Brooks Jensen, Editor, Lenswork Magazine

“For the British Virgin Island Tourism campaign, we needed a photographer whose style was simultaneously dramatic, visually narrative, and environmentally evocative.  Jimmy Williams not only met our challenge but exceeded our expectations.  Thanks to him we have photography that successfully drives our campaign, and accomplishes all goals for the advertising elements.”
Erich Stefanovich, Creative Director, The Zimmerman Agency

“The photography for Playworld had to be emotional and powerful. It needed to be able to tell a story on it’s own. Jimmy was a no-brainer choice for this. His imagery speaks to the soul.”
Tom Czajkowski, Creative Director, Carton Donofrio Partners, Inc.  

“A keen eye. A clear vision. An wavering commitment. Jimmy brings something new and valuable to every project. I highly recommend him.”
Justin Baum, ACD, Mu//en